Never leave the customer’s side

Never interrupt a customer interaction again. With Runner, associates can request items from available colleagues in real-time on behalf of the customer they are assisting.

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Meet your customers’ needs without ever leaving their side

Tulip’s Runner App connects store associates with backroom employees or other associates to retrieve products without leaving the customer’s side. Using the Tulip mobile app, store associates engaged with a customer on the sales floor can quickly search in-store inventory and request help from a runner to seamlessly get the right product to them.

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Increase Order Sizes

5% to 15%

Leverage rich customer data to cross-sell and upsell effectively and to increase Average Order Value on store transactions.

Increase Store Sales

2% to 10%

Generate incremental sales and capture lost sales by giving associates access to online and in-store inventory.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

10% to 30%

Engage with in-store customers and extend the personal customer experience beyond the four walls of the store.


Runner features

Improve customer experience, while maintaining inventory accuracy and increasing associate productivity.

One-Touch Runner Request
  • Scan a barcode and retrieve a specific product by engaging store runners
Runner Response App
  • Enables runners to accept or decline requests
Live Notifications
  • Associates receive real-time notifications that mark requests as in progress, complete or not in stock
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Reporting for Managers
  • Gain insights into in-store inventory accuracy
  • Inventory health checks through runner completion rates and products requested reports.
  • Associate productivity reports on speed of fulfillment and top runners, often used to incentivize exceptional customer service
Support for Wearables
  • Optimized for portable form factors including iPod and Apple Watch
  • Enables runners to immediately see runner requests
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Number of transactions increased by double-digit percentage points for a high-end luxury brand with accessibility to online inventory when an item wasn’t in stock.


Business value

Tulip’s Runner improves customer satisfaction and provides the efficiency and effectiveness of your in-store experience.

  • Reduce wait times through faster responses
  • Improve conversion rates by allowing store associates to keep customers engaged
  • Gain insights into in-store inventory