How the world’s best retailers make connections with their customers

What is the shopping experience like at the best stores in the world?


Top brands stand out because of the human connection they build with their customers. Whether it’s long term 1:1 relationships in luxury or access to immediate and expert help in hardware, it all comes down to connecting. 

This 25-minute webinar walks through how the best retailers in the world are building authentic and scalable connections with their customers before, during, and after their visit to the store. 

You’ll learn: 

  • How to bring online browsers in store
  • The power of video chat and social messaging
  • What information you actually need to know about your customers  
  • How to personalize outreach at scale

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Ashley Barby
Ashley Barby

Retail Strategy Lead, Tulip &
Founder, FashionTech

Emma McGinn
Emma McGinn

Retail Pre-Sales Strategist, Tulip