Tulip Clienteling

Tulip systematizes and automates the clienteling process so retailers can create authentic, seamless and consistent customer experiences.

Tulip Appointments

Appointments makes it easy for customers to book appointments and events and enables store associates to prepare exceptional omnichannel shopping

Tulip Performance Planning

Get the most out of every store location by identifying risks, opportunities and exactly how to improve their outlook across

Tulip Runner

Connect store associates with backroom employees or runners to retrieve products without leaving the customer’s side.

Tulip Checkout

Evolve as quickly as customers’ shopping habits with a flexible cloud-based checkout solution built to break down barriers between ecommerce

Security Integrations

Tulip’s API-first solutions are built from the ground up for the needs of sophisticated enterprise retailers. They’re flexible, extensible, and

Tulip Offline Mode

Offline mode lets store associates take sales, access the catalog, and operate business as usual without worrying about data loss

Tulip Fulfill

Give customers the quick product access they want regardless of whether they’re shopping online or in store.

Tulip Operate

Turn data into action with intuitive AI-based solutions that identify risks and opportunities, automate key processes, and deliver performance excellence

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