Retail Excellence

We know retail

With deep roots in the industry, we bring expertise and insight to every project.


We provide retail experts to help you define the business case for digital transformation

Our team brings a unique lens that can transform how your stores operate.  Coming from some of the world’s best retailers, our Retail Excellence team is devoted to translating their industry experience into insights and best practice that can be put to work by our product team and client partners.

We intimately understand what’s happening on the store floor and how technology can make a positive impact. Our Retail Excellence Group is focused on delivering consulting services and best practices to plan, implement, train, launch, and support Tulip solutions. Their goals are to implement innovative in-store solutions, drive strong adoption of these solutions, and maximize the ROI of implementing Tulip.

The Retail Excellence advantage

Industry Insights

We spend every day speaking to retail leaders, attending industry events, and mystery shopping stores. We spend a lot of time understanding how to optimize retail and love sharing our insights.

Benefit Modeling

We know better than anyone that retail is a balancing act. Our Retail Excellence team can work with you to develop sophisticated financial ROI and implementation benefit models that let you make informed decisions.

Best Practice Consulting

With years of collective retail experience between us, we’re able to help your team orient themselves around best practice with workshops, operational walkthroughs, and innovation roadmapping sessions.

Training Expertise

Adoption is everything and our team has a vetted interactive training process that helps your entire organization get the most out of every store and ensures that new associates get up to speed quickly with asynchronous and continuous learning materials.

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