A silver lining after the pandemic? Retailers find growth with omnichannel store associates.

A silver lining after the pandemic? Retailers find growth with omnichannel store associates

Explore the five key ways that store associates bring added value to the omnichannel experience to help drive revenue

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virtual selling

4 ways to win at virtual selling

Learn how retailers can offer virtual interactions and personalized engagements to increase repeat buyers and

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Retail Appointment Booking

How to increase appointment booking online

Learn how retailers can drive online appointment booking engagement to increase store and online traffic and customer

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Turn your store into mini distribution centers with Fulfillment

Retailers can use their physical storefronts to fulfill ecommerce orders more efficiently and at a cost savings using Tulip

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Adding value to the customer experience with contactless fulfillment

Contactless fulfillment, or curbside pickup, is becoming a preferred, long-term method of shopping for customers, putting more demand on

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4 connected store retail trends for 2021

As we live through the pandemic, we’ll continue to see the move towards more personal, contactless, and seamless shopping

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What customers can expect this post-holiday return season

Find out how retailers will prepare and streamline the return process this

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Introducing appointments

Shopping made easy and comfortable with real-time appointment booking. Tulip introduces a new way to shop, adding more care and exclusivity

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3 reasons why retailers should look to appointment booking

Retailers are adopting this concept and applying it to their stores to offer another way to stay connected and provide more choices for

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How retailers can make the most out of this unusual holiday shopping season

It won’t be the easiest holiday season, but with the right strategies and practices in place, retailers can prepare to welcome customers,

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5 ways to personalize the connected store experience

Strengthen the retail-customer relationship with digital and human

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5 key considerations when deciding to build or buy a retail solution

When deciding between developing an in-house retail solution, or buying a ready-made product, one of the first questions retailers often

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