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Tulip Retail, True Fit team up on a personal shopping experience

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As seen on Retail Customer Experience.

Tulip Retail and True Fit are partnering to foster a more personal in-store shopping experience and working with fashion brand kate spade to pilot the store associate-focused initiative.

The quest is to provide shoppers with highly personalized fit, size and style recommendations and will go into pilot mode at several kate spade New York stores later this year, according to a press release.

The Tulip mobile apps and clienteling platform allows store associates real-time access to customer feedback, product data and rich media to help them better communicate with customers regarding products as it offers access to customer profiles, order history and inventory availability. The associates can use Tulip to interact with customers and handle transaction at any point.

The True Fit’s personal style, fit, and size recommendations provides a personally curated catalog of items for every shopper, and allows associates to show customers how well each item is expected to fit, and identify which size is best in each style — making every sales associate a personal shopper and fit expert.

“The mass movement to online shopping has totally transformed consumer expectations, especially when it comes to personalized experiences,” said Bill Zujewski, EVP marketing, Tulip Retail, in the release.

“We recognize the unique perspective True Fit has on providing shoppers with an individual, tailored shopping experience and we’re excited about integrating its online services in an in-store setting. This partnership enables store associates to go beyond exploring what’s available, and instead helps associates discover items their customers are most likely to love and keep.”

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