Your reputation for outstanding customer engagement didn't come easily. Preserving it will with Tulip. 

We’re the world’s most popular clienteling solution, loved by the world’s most iconic retail brands. 

The ultimate toolkit for delivering authentic, personalized customer engagement, one relationship at a time.

Clienteling Detailed customer profiles

Give your customers the experience they expect.

Personalizing the shopping experience has never been more critical. With Tulip, it’s also never been more attainable.

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Clienteling - Clientbook Management

Empower your sales associates to be more productive and more results-driven.

Clienteling Accurate sales attribution

Measure better, manage better.

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Lilly Pulitzer

“Tulip lets us connect with customers through an omnichannel journey and consistently delivers the high-touch personal experiences we’re known for. Clienteling is an important part of our business and Tulip’s solution is best in class.”

Rachael Crews

Vice President

Lilly Pulitzer

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Jenni Kayne

“Tulip technology enhances our ability to personalize our connections.”

Rissa Jarratt

Executive Vice President of Retail

Jenni Kayne

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“The tool provides a way of seamlessly connecting and organizing the client book to really provide a snapshot of their business and a foundation for how to start their day.”

Kevin Van Leeuwen

Director of Stores


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Frequently asked questions

Defining Clienteling

What is clienteling?

Clienteling is the practice of developing one-on-one relationships with customers and should focus on empowering store associates to engage with customers proactively, intentionally, and most importantly, in a genuine way.

Here at Tulip, we define clienteling in a way unique to each retailer. We are the ultimate toolkit for delivering authentic, personalized customer engagement.

You can watch a quick demo on how we power the omnichannel clienteling experience for the world’s most iconic retailers!

All Clienteling is customer service, but not all customer service is clienteling.

Customer service encompasses the assistance and advice provided by a retailer to people interested in its products and may only be considered in the short term. Clienteling, on the other hand, elevates traditional customer service practices by focusing on long-term strategies for retention and truly building strong, personal relationships with customers.

With more and more retailers trying to find ways to personalize their customer experience, it’s imperative to ensure you’re going beyond traditional customer service to create an immersive and contextual experience for your customers. Finding the right clienteling solution facilitates the path to innovation.

Retail Clienteling in Practice

Clienteling, effectively, transforms traditional sales associates into omnichannel associates.

What is an omnichannel associate? An omnichannel associate, at its core, is a retail professional equipped to deliver a consistent customer experience across all available sales channels. Meaning, whether a customer is shopping in the physical store, online via a website or mobile app, through social media, or even a marketplace platform, the omnichannel associate orchestrates a consistent and satisfying journey for the shopper.

Modern shoppers want the efficiency and convenience of online transactions while still receiving the personal touch that store associates provide 1-on-1. Clienteling improves the customer experience by meeting these expectations for convenience and personalization which makes them feel recognized and valued.

Having a detailed client book gives every associate access to 360 degree customer profiles that give them insight to each shopper’s preferences, purchase history, and contact information. Being able to recall this information without the customer having to manually recite or re-enter provides a frictionless transaction that leaves the customer with a lasting sense of satisfaction.

See the customer facing application of Tulip’s clienteling software in action!

  • Understanding how consumers discover and learn about products is changing. The walls between digital and physical are coming down, and retailers must ensure they are relaying consistent messaging across channels.
  • Using associates as the key to building strong customer-brand relationships. Utilizing the human element associates provide while empowering them with the retentive capabilities of technology facilitates personal, high-touch interactions that build customer loyalty.
  • Knowing communication isn’t one-size-fits all. Offering multiple channels for shoppers to be able to reach out according to their immediate needs ensures they feel recognized and understood. Providing options for social messaging, video calls, and appointments allows customers to choose the best method for them.

Read more about best practices in retail clienteling.

Choosing the right Clienteling Tools

If your store’s goal is to bring in and retain customers, then clienteling is for you. Clienteling helps engage with all kinds of customers across every vertical in a variety of ways. Clienteling software is customizable to your needs based on store size, product or service type, and changes in the industry.

Not sure which clienteling software is right for your needs? Contact us — we’re happy to help!

A CRM — customer relationship manager —  is typically used to retain and analyze data to plan and manage multi-channel marketing campaigns. CRMs are usually backend-only solutions whose use is not directly experienced by customers.

Clienteling, on the other hand, has these same capabilities, but also empowers associates to be able to manage these relationships on a 1-on-1 basis with customers right from the store floor. Customers interacting with associates also interact with the clienteling software, providing information like their preferences that can be retained by the software and stored for later use. Clienteling solutions ensure that every associate on the front end will be able to recall customer data immediately for a frictionless interaction.

A clienteling solution is the means by which retailers can develop one-on-one relationships with customers. There are different types of solutions that can be used to achieve this.

Traditionally clienteling was done manually through entering data on paper in a big binder or digitally in spreadsheets. This solution is extremely hard to maintain and costs dearly in both time and money.

Point solutions are another option that offer a more streamlined process. They can handle some aspects of clienteling, such as marketing, but don’t give the customer a fully immersive experience.

Full digital clienteling solutions offer the best option for retailers looking to create an elevated, frictionless experience for their customers. They empower associates to be able to manage 1-on-1 customer-brand relationships. They are able to capture large amounts of customer data on sleek, modern hardware (like an iPhone or iPad) that enable associates to be able to recall customer data immediately, from anywhere in the store. They also help to analyze data to create highly customizable,  but automated campaigns that can be sent at the tap of a button.

Efficient and effective retail clienteling software has several features that maximize associate productivity and consistency, align associate incentives and objectives, and create a standout experience.

  • Detailed customer profiles
  • Integrated Omnichannel communication
  • Automated associate task list
  • Accurate sales attribution
  • On-demand retail data analytics

The features should integrate with the store’s retail POS system so transaction data can automatically synchronize into the associates sales performance and customer’s profile. 

See all the features in action in this short clienteling software demo!

A client book is the means by which client information is stored and organized.

Tulip’s client booking solution is through a clienteling app that can be run on iPhones or iPads. The mobile devices allow store associates to physically follow along with customers during their shopping journey to collect information like style, color, and fabric preferences. The intuitive nature of the platform allows the data to synchronize between all the devices (even when offline) while also providing on-the-spot analysis.

Getting Started

Tulip is the world’s most popular clienteling solution, loved by the world’s most iconic retail brands. Tulip’s clienteling solutions go beyond standard CRMs and encompass a host of automatic, intuitive, and unique features that take clienteling to the next level.

Tulip Clienteling is the ultimate toolkit for delivering authentic, personalized customer engagement.

But don’t just take our word for it. Check out this case study for an in-depth look at what Tulip Clienteling can do for you!

Interested in learning more about how we can help you get started on your clienteling journey?

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