Inside the world’s best store experiences

Creating memorable customer moments

How do the top brands in the world create exceptional customer experiences? 

What does a memorable customer experience look like? How can you create experiences that keep your customers coming back? And how do you do that at scale?

The right technology allows store associates to provide a personalized experience in store, coupled with a frictionless and fully mobile transaction experience.

In this 25-minute webinar, we’ll explore how the top retailers create exceptional experiences before, during and after the store visit.

You’ll learn:

  • The power of easy access to a robust 360-degree customer profile
  • How to automate customer outreach
  • The importance of quick access to inventory availability
  • What Tulip Clienteling and Point of Sale looks like in action

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Maria Brown
Maria Brown

Retail Excellence Consultant, Tulip

Chelsea Theroux
Chelsea Theroux

Solutions Consultant, Tulip

"The associate's ability to create the right customer experience can make or break that customer's experience with the brand for their lifetime."