Tech Requirements

Top 4 tech requirements of the future store

Now that stores are back open, however, customers are saying they want curbside pickup to stay and also have the ability to shop in-store. How can a store manage that, with the same – or often smaller – employee base they had pre-COVID? To embrace the future, stores will need to lean on technology.

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The post-pandemic associate

The post-pandemic associate

Customers have been conditioned to expect a seamless omnichannel shopping experience. Learn how associates can support this post-pandemic journey.

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Post pandemic store

The post-pandemic store

Retail is reopening and a semblance of post-pandemic normality is returning to day-to-day life across North America and Europe. A critical component of retail set to be reimagined in the post-pandemic era is the design and purpose of stores.

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post-pandemic customer

Post-pandemic: Welcoming the customers back

Over half of all US consumers plan to spend extra to treat themselves as part of a post-pandemic return to normal, with specific intention to spend in discretionary categories

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Store Manager

Store manager essentials for the digital age

Few, if any, roles in modern retail are more demanding than that of a store manager. Store managers are essentially the CEO of their store. They are accountable for such areas as financial performance, customer service, expense management, talent management, and compliance

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Retailers reap rewards with appointments as customers return to stores

As customers are returning to in-store shopping, they’re increasingly looking for a personalized, convenient and immersive shopping experience that also prioritizes safety. How can brands cut through the noise?

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A silver lining after the pandemic? Retailers find growth with omnichannel store associates.

A silver lining after the pandemic? Retailers find growth with omnichannel store associates

Explore the five key ways that store associates bring added value to the omnichannel experience to help drive revenue growth.

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virtual selling

4 ways to win at virtual selling

Learn how retailers can offer virtual interactions and personalized engagements to increase repeat buyers and sales.

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Retail Appointment Booking

How to increase appointment booking online

Learn how retailers can drive online appointment booking engagement to increase store and online traffic and customer satisfaction.

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Turn your store into mini distribution centers with Fulfillment

Retailers can use their physical storefronts to fulfill ecommerce orders more efficiently and at a cost savings using Tulip Fulfillment.

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