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The Tulip and Radius8 Solution

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Empowering Store Associates with Local Knowledge

Retailers understand that store associates drive sales and influence the buying decisions of their customers. A strong associate is not only a product and style expert, but also knows the store inventory and has a grasp of customers’ preferences and buying history. Armed with a mobile device that provides real-time customer and product information, store associates know which products their customers are likely to buy.

Retailers also understand that all shopping is local and purchases are reflective of local tastes, culture, preferences and weather. Store associates with a strong understanding of these local buying trends, insights, and local preferences can deliver a more personalized shopping experience to their customers, leading to increased sales and better customer service.

Partnership Overview

Tulip and Radius8 have partnered to deliver a mobile Assisted Selling and Clienteling tool that empowers store associates with valuable local trends. Retailers can now extend Tulip’s mobile apps with insights on local in-store and online buying trends and local customer preferences.  Associates access this information in the Tulip Mobile App to offer personal recommendations, guide customers and enhance the overall in-store shopping experience. The joint solution enables retailers to sell more to consumers by creating store-centric online and in-store experiences based on local digital demand.


The joint solution offered by Tulip and Radius8:

  • Empowers store associates with valuable local market context to personalize the customer’s shopping experience.
  • Leverage insights about the digital activity in the respective local markets, customer preferences, what is selling well online locally, and what is being browsed on the retailer’s website and other digital properties.
  • Provides recent up-to-date in-store sales trends to surface popular items.
  • Enables store associate to better guide the customers explicitly according to both their individual preferences and local style, thereby enriching their in-store experience and converting more buyers.
  • Provides an integrated mobile solution on a single, unified UI for ease-of-use.
  • Includes easy access to in-store trends, online trends, event opportunities, suggestions based on weather, and popular items with low inventory.

About Radius8

Radius8 enables retailers to sell more to consumers by creating store-centric online experiences, and in-store experiences based on local digital demand. These experiences are now table stakes to meet today’s industry standards and consumer expectations and allow you to improve profitability by increasing consumer engagement. Leading retailers and brands that have adopted Radius8 in the past 12 months include Guess, John Varvatos, Zumiez, and Michael Kors.

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