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Tulip Retail’s New Release Provides Enterprise-Wide Mobile Platform for Managers to Collaborate with Frontline Workers at Retail Stores

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New Management Suite Enables Store and HQ Managers to Improve Store Associate Effectiveness

NEW YORK, April 25, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Tulip Retail, a mobile application platform built exclusively for retail stores and sales associates, today announced a new enterprise-wide management suite and mobile app enhancements that increase productivity for store managers and associates, create a stronger employee community across stores, and enable managers to operate a more efficient store. The new Tulip Retail release empowers managers with tools to collaborate, manage documents and communicate with associates so they are better prepared to sell, service and delight their customers.

The features in the new release include:

  1. Tulip Retail Management Suite: Entirely new suite adds management functions for Operations, District, Regional, and Store Managers to drive store manager agility, efficiency and effectiveness.  Capabilities enable privileged users to manage email and SMS clienteling communication templates and manage shared document files and folders for store associates. The new document management capabilities enable managers to organize, access, and share files in real time with store associates across the enterprise. Managers can control folder and file organization and structure to share a wide variety of files, such as new marketing collateral, planograms, the latest looks, important HR policies, training guides, and more.
  2. Tulip Retail Web App: New interface increases productivity for store managers and corporate merchandising, marketing and operational managers by providing web-based browser access to the Tulip Retail platform. Extending Tulip beyond mobile devices to the desktop now enables access anywhere and streamlines the use of the platform and management capabilities.
  3. Clienteling Enhancements: New features provide customer profile improvements and new configuration options for profile management and customer communications. Other features include e-Commerce sales attribution for personalized associate messages sent to customers, e-mail enhancements that enable store associates to attach images taken using their device to email messages and additional customer follow-up configurations.
  4. Internationalization & Localization Enhancements: Expands support for global retailers; adds translation support for the web app, extends the product catalog language support with additional languages, and adds support for regular, discounted, and variant pricing per location.

“We’ve had great success with our Tulip Retail Mobile Associate App and our focus on empowering the store associate, but we wanted this release to focus on empowering the store and HQ managers,” said Jan Kotowski, VP of Product, Tulip Retail. “With the new Management Suite and web browser support, managers are now easily able to manage documents, communicate, and collaborate with retail store associates using any device including a desktop. The new capabilities let store managers mold great associates who provide better service, build relationships and sell more.  The tools foster a much stronger and cohesive employee community between managers and frontline workers and encourage associates to become more knowledgeable and trusted advisors to truly enhance the shopper’s in-store experience.”

Tulip Retail will be at Retail Business Technology Expo 2017 in London on May 8th and 9th demoing the new features at stand 1400.

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