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Getting the most out of your POS: Harnessing the power of clienteling

How retailers can combine the next-gen POS with clienteling for a fulsome customer experience

As consumers’ expectations continue to rise, retailers must find innovative ways to engage and delight their customers throughout their shopping journey. 

Gone are the days when simply operating a point of sale system was sufficient to meet customers’ needs. 

Picture this: A sales associate at a bustling retail store is excited to greet a familiar face, a returning customer who is making another purchase. As they engage in friendly conversation over the checkout counter, the sales associate recalls the customer’s previous visits; however, their enthusiasm falters when they realize that the store’s outdated POS system hampers their ability to further personalize the experience. With a hint of frustration, the sales associate struggles to navigate through the sluggish interface, desperately searching for customer information that should be readily available. Regrettably, the limitations of the legacy system prevent them from offering tailored recommendations based on the customer’s preferences, previous purchases, or online activity. 

While traditional POS systems served their purpose in facilitating transactions, they often fell short in providing personalized and memorable interactions. Recognizing this gap, retailers are now leveraging the power of clienteling, combined with next-generation POS systems, to unlock a new level of customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Here are the strategies and tools retailers use to elevate the store experience to new heights and build strong relationships with customers that go beyond the checkout.

Not all POS systems are created equal

Single-purpose POS Systems are designed with a specific focus, typically centered around facilitating basic transactions and inventory management. These systems are often characterized by their simplicity and straightforward functionality. 

While they serve the fundamental purpose of processing sales, single-purpose POS systems have inherent limitations

They lack advanced features such as clienteling capabilities— like personalized customer outreach or omnichannel customer profiles— or real-time inventory tracking. As a result, retailers using single purpose POS systems may struggle to deliver the level of service and engagement that customers now expect.

On the other hand, multi-purpose POS systems offer a comprehensive suite of features and capabilities beyond basic transaction processing. These systems integrate various functionalities, including clienteling, inventory management, reporting and analytics, and customer engagement tools. 

The advantages of multi-purpose POS systems lie in their enhanced functionality and flexibility. Retailers can leverage these systems to access a wealth of customer data, track preferences and purchase history, and provide personalized experiences. By consolidating multiple retail processes into a single platform, multi-purpose POS systems streamline operations, improve efficiency, and empower store teams to deliver exceptional service.

Still, the fear lingers that next-gen POS systems may not possess the same level of robustness as their legacy counterparts. Contrary to popular belief, modern POS systems are just as, if not more, robust than their predecessors. Next-generation POS systems have been carefully designed to meet the ever-changing needs of the retail industry, providing numerous benefits for enterprise purposes such as scalability, integration with a wide range of software and applications, advanced data analytics, and improved transaction security.

Unleashing the Full Potential

By combining next-gen POS with clienteling, retailers can seamlessly integrate customer data from various sources. This integration enables a comprehensive view of customer preferences, purchase history, and interactions, empowering store teams to engage in meaningful conversations and make personalized recommendations.

In addition to personalized interactions, timely follow-ups and proactive communication all contribute to an increase in the quantity and quality of customer engagements. These efforts not only foster loyalty, but also help the customer begin to see the retailer as a trusted advisor instead of just a vendor.

These sentiments combined with the understanding of the customers’ preferences, purchase history, and buying patterns give store teams the opportunity to upsell and cross-sell by recommending complementary products or upgrades, leading to increased sales revenue.

When next-gen POS systems are integrated with clienteling strategies, retailers unlock a range of significant benefits including a seamless and personalized shopping experience that drives customer loyalty, boosts sales performance, and differentiates their brand in a competitive marketplace.

Bringing it all together

Creating the best store experience can be summed up in two words: Empower and delight.

By focusing on empowering store teams and delighting customers through a multi-purpose, next-gen POS, retailers can create the best store experience. 

The combination of clienteling with next-gen POS systems equips retailers to create an environment where store teams can seamlessly connect with customers, understand their unique requirements, and deliver exceptional service that goes above and beyond expectations.

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Eager to learn more about multi-purpose next-gen POS systems? Watch this 30-minute webinar Navigating the future of next-gen POS adoption: Why retailers can’t afford to wait

Or, if you’re ready to harness the power of clienteling and next-gen POS systems to elevate your store experience, contact us today!

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