Navigating the future with next-gen POS adoption: Why retailers can’t afford to wait

Is your POS holding you back?

Post-pandemic retail has divided retailers into two key groups: The omnichannel enabled, and the laggards.

Retailers are now more than ever moving to a next-gen POS that enables omnichannel for their retail business.

In this 30 minute webinar, learn how the next-gen POS plays in allowing retailers to keep up with the competition. And how choosing a customer-centric POS can boost sales as well as customer loyalty.

Join us for a deep dive into:

  • The post-COVID retail landscape
  • Creating a more customer-centric experience
  • Boosting store profitability and productivity 
  • Facing legacy IT challenges

Gain valuable insights and strategies for mastering omnichannel retail POS systems, operational excellence, and efficient innovation. 

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Brando Garcia

Meet our POS expert, Brando Garcia, Strategic Accounts at Tulip, who has 15 years of experience in implementing and optimizing next-gen retail solutions for businesses of all sizes.