Tulip Offers ‘Turnkey Edition’ Clienteling Platform

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Tulip, which is arming sales associates at brick-and-mortar retailers with iPads and its clienteling platform, now has a Turnkey Edition.

Tulip, a mobile platform built exclusively for store associates with a suite of four applications and two more coming soon, has combined their two most popular apps into an “out of the box mobile solution that is easy to install, configure and launch in stores.”

Turnkey Edition captures the best of its Assisted Selling and Clienteling Apps to offer a more powerful tool for retailers striving to provide an exceptional in-store experience. Sales associates can use the app shoulder-to-shoulder to assist customers with extensive product information, find off-site inventory, and take notes, and then use it to continue contact with customers after they leave the store whether it be for follow-up, order status and product availability, or personal interactions like birthdays and anniversaries.

Aiming to lower the barrier for entry, Tulip’s new product “ensures rapid deployment, low risk, and minimal setup costs.” Heavy-hitting retailers and brands such as Saks Fifth Avenue, Kate Spade, and Coach have incorporated some or all of Tulip’s serious core applications into their brick-and-mortar operations, but the lightweight Turnkey Edition especially appealed to the likes of fine jewelry brand Mejuri. The direct-to-consumer retailer included the app as part of its first physical store, with plans to expand into more markets.

“We wanted our showroom stylists to have great mobile tools for communicating with our community so they could build relationships, deliver great shopping experiences and make our fine jewelry and services accessible, fun, and part of their everyday life,” said Majed Masad, chief operating officer and co-founder of Mejuri. “Our stylists use Tulip to reach out to customers via text messages and email to elevate the level of service we provide – driving sales both in-store and online.”

“Clienteling is about extending the relationship between store associate and customer beyond the four walls of the physical store that brings personalization and convenience to another level, all while repositioning the associate from somebody who offers some assistance in the store into a trusted fashion and style consultant,” said Ali Asaria, chief executive officer of Tulip. “Our new simple-to-setup Turnkey Edition can be deployed in just days – not months – allowing all retailers, regardless of size, to provide a true VIP experience to their loyal customers.”

Asaria said Mejuri is “the latest online retailer to view the physical store as an important part of their strategy, and we’re confident that our clienteling features will help them bring together the best of online and in-store to the delight of their customers.”

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