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What can clienteling provide customers in an omnichannel world?

In today’s digital world, customers have easy access to vast information on brands and products. Despite this, consumers across all generations still say that physical stores are their preferred places to shop. But with digital so prevalent and integral in the customer journey, these shoppers now have higher expectations than before and sales associates remain key to delivering on these expectations and driving store ROI.

Clienteling touches many pieces of the shopping experience, both internally and externally. From retail sales and commissions, to customer relationships and outreach, to building loyal customers, clienteling is a crucial investment, especially for an omnichannel approach.   

Here are 3 ways that clienteling delivers ROI for retailers:

Clienteling drives incremental sales 

Clienteling is an effective tool for unlocking incremental sales for retailers. Top retailers use robust outreach strategies to make meaningful connections with their clientele. Sending highly-personalized messages with product images and looks based on customer’s preferences and past purchase behavior, helps increase conversion rates — one luxury retailer saw 54% growth in 6 months. 

Clienteling tools also support true omnichannel selling by enabling associates to leverage rich customer data to cross-sell and upsell more effectively to increase AOV. And, in digitized systems, associates are able to receive credit for their role in sales made across channels. With omnichannel strategizing through clienteling, store teams can focus more on effective ways to secure sales and optimize the customer journey across multiple channels.

Clienteling helps acquire new customers and improves engagement and loyalty 

Clienteling supports retailers in growing their VIP and high-value customer client books. Leading retailers empower their associates with mobile devices that allow them to stay by the customer’s side to securely capture their data in detailed profiles as they peruse the store. The digital profiles help provide a more personal customer experience with the brand throughout their lifecycle. One premium fashion retailer increased its customer data capture by 68% in 3 months after implementing a mobile clienteling app.

To build strong, long-term relationships, associates need to be able to proactively reach out to their customers. Top retailers support smarter store associate outreach by enabling automated follow-ups based on their own defined business rules, which lead to increased conversion from outreach (we’ve seen 55%). This enables retailers to better nurture loyal and returning shoppers, identifying and cultivating some of them into black book/VIP customers. 

Clienteling elevates the customer experience 

In contrast to manual black book record keeping, mobile clienteling apps enable retailers to personalize the customer experience in-store at scale. Shoppers may book a store appointment or walk in unexpectedly, either way, associates need to be able to easily identify their registered clients. This includes being able to quickly access their customer profile including preferences, wish lists, and purchase history. Clienteling helps brands to maintain a consistent and personalized experience across all associates and locations while also providing superior customer service. 

Clienteling combines brick-and-mortar stores with the digital experience that the most connected customers expect. It also helps transform sales associates into trusted advisors. By putting customer information easily within reach of the associate, clienteling supports the shift in focus from being transaction-oriented to more proactive and customer-oriented. Empowering associates elevates the store experience for customers.

To learn more about the goals and benefits of clienteling, how it fits into an omnichannel strategy, and how it can maximize your ROI, download this whitepaper. 

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