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5 ways to personalize the connected store experience

Strengthen the retail-customer relationship with digital and human interactions

Customers expect transparent, frictionless and customized end-to-end shopping experiences. 

Digital and mobile devices, along with social influences, create various purchasing options and access to product information. Although they may research everything there is to know about a product before a purchase, customers still prefer to interact with store associates and visit the physical store, when possible, to discover and participate in a branded experience. 

With 43% of consumers willing to pay more for a personalized shopping experience, retailers investing both in the store associate and in omnichannel technology can turn an ordinary shopping transaction into a highly memorable customer moment.

Here are five ways retailers can equip store associates with omnichannel mobile technology to create high value engagements at all stages of a sale.

Turn your frontline support into trusted product advisors

Customers enter a store and expect a full customer experience including employees who know their products inside and out. With the use of mobile technology, retailers can equip store associates with the knowledge they need to help customers create an informed decision. With access to an omnichannel catalog, store associates can obtain a 360° view of all product information, conduct online and in-store availability of products, and have access to reviews and ratings to create the ultimate experience. Customers can walk away with confidence knowing that store associates had product expertise to consult in the decision-making process.

Provide live chat interactions between the store associate and customer

Connected customers are conducting their own research online around the latest products and availability before they ever enter the physical store or purchase products on an ecommerce site. Using popular social messaging apps (such as WeChat, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp), web chat, and video chat, customers can connect directly with store associates at their preferred retail store location. Store associates can help answer questions around products, check on availability or put aside their favorite product to pick up in store, and provide live online styling and beauty consultations. Live interactions through online platforms provide customers with real-time access to make informed purchasing decisions.

Hyper-respond to any customer product needs in the physical store

Customers are shopping in stores with more purpose. They expect less wait time, faster service and personalized attention while in the store. They want to know immediately if a product is available and do not want to be kept waiting to find out. By connecting your frontline store associates with the back office via a mobile app and smart watch, associates can check on in-store inventory and have it immediately brought out to the customer anywhere in the store. Having easy access to products means associates never have to leave the side of the customer and the customer never has to remain idle.

Nurture long-lasting relationships with valuable customer insights

Store associates can deliver valuable customer experience through digital intimacy.

With mobile technology, store associates can create digital black books to track omnichannel behaviors and preferences; collect customer-approved information and purchasing history; share tailored client communications via SMS messaging and email and; create unique email follow-ups. By having a holistic view of a customer, retailers can deliver an intimate shopping experience, creating high value and repeat customers.

Create a ‘no hassle’ checkout experience from anywhere in the store and online

Line-ups, intricate returns and limited payment methods all create customer pain points when proceeding with the final transaction in store. Customers are looking for quick and seamless checkout opportunities to complete their in-store purchases. With modern mPOS, store associates can eliminate the need for customers to interact with cashiers, remove customers from the line, access their profiles and purchase history, and collect payments or complete returns instantly, safely and securely, using solely a mobile app. With mPOS checkout, retailers will grow customer lifetime value and in-store sales productivity by providing individualized frictionless payment support.

Since customer experience online is just as important as the in-store journey, store associates can extend the ‘no hassle’ checkout experience for customers at home. With payment processing functionalities like remote pay, store associates can complete the customer shopping journey with convenient transactions using a secure link from their mobile devices.

Investing in omnichannel technology elevates the multichannel customer experience. It contributes to faster service, less wait times and channelless experiences. Store associates are at the front and centre of the connected store experience and investing in them creates highly knowledgeable brand ambassadors. Together they can create the ultimate personalized customer experience, leading to better customer satisfaction, extended loyalty and increased sales.

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