Connecting store associates and customers in real-time via text, chat and video

Tulip’s LiveConnect solution is one of the first to support omnichannel messaging via mobile phone, website and through the most popular social chat platforms. Retail store associates can text, chat and video call with customers, expanding communication beyond the one-to-one model.

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LiveConnect Video Chat

LiveConnect Video Chat lets store associates easily make video calls directly from the store floor. As stores open, LiveConnect Video Chat acts as an alternative method of communication for customers who are hesitant to shop in store or who desire the continued convenience of shopping from anywhere.

Benefits of Tulip’s Video Chat
  • Show off product features and details in real-time
  • Personalize every customer interaction with video styling appointments, beauty consultations and more
  • Give customers the confidence to buy and reduce the risk of return
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LiveConnect Web Chat

LiveConnect Web Chat lets customers and store associates chat and share photos directly through the brand’s ecommerce site. Retailers can provide a conversational and human touch to the online shopping experience with ease and convenience.

Benefits of Tulip’s Web Chat
  • Configurable and customizable chat widget designed to fit the retailer’s brand guidelines
  • Instantly curate interactions by accessing the store’s catalog, sharing product information and photos, checking on inventory availability, and replying to customer inquiries
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LiveConnect Social Messaging

LiveConnect Social Messaging allows customers to reach out to store associates at their favourite brands using their favourite social messaging platforms including WhatsApp, WeChat and more.

Benefits of Tulip’s Social Messaging
  • Send and receive messages from popular messaging platforms such as WhatsApp and WeChat
  • Share attachments from the catalog or photo library to engage with the customer
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Connect your customers and store associates through text, chat and video.
Catalog Access
  • Leverage real-time product information and quickly look up products via search
  • Become instant product experts with access to product details, manufacturers’ notes, and rich product media
Chat Routing
  • Leverage Tulip’s chat routing capabilities to connect with customers who message the brand’s global social chat account
  • Reply to customer enquiries routed to specific store locations
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Business value

LiveConnect Chat empowers store associates to communicate and engage with customers across any medium and channel.

  • Offer virtual personalized shopping experiences
  • Increase omnichannel capabilities
  • Capture incremental sales
  • Respond to customer inventory questions
  • Enhance customer experience
  • Share product information and photos through in-store mobile devices