The new enterprise retail POS has arrived

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Tulip sets a new standard for omnichannel retail with a Point of Sale solution designed for the store of the future 

TORONTO, ON, Dec. 2, 2021 – Tulip, a global leader in cloud-based mobile retail solutions, is pleased to offer the first omnichannel Point of Sale (POS) for sophisticated enterprise retailers. Unlike archaic, monolithic POS systems, Tulip’s next gen solution, called Tulip Checkout, is created for how modern omnichannel retail operates. 

Point of Sale systems are the heart and lungs of the retail-consumer ecosystem, but most solutions used by large retailers were built more than 30 years ago. They weren’t designed for today’s changing retail environment and create barriers to agility and execution. 

“We work with some of the best retailers in the world and we’ve heard over and over that they have strong visions for how their stores should work and what the customer experience should look like. But these same retailers are struggling to make their vision a reality because of their legacy POS,” Ali Asaria, Tulip CEO said. “We knew there had to be a better way.” 

Tulip worked closely with its retail partners to fine-tune exactly how a modern omnichannel POS looks and functions before making it available to the broader market. Tulip Checkout breaks down the divide between channels and lifecycle stages to create the holistic 360-degree experience that customers now expect. 

Mobile First

Tulip’s POS solution trades costly hardware, fixed terminals, and data rooms for effortless omnichannel checkout experiences that can happen anywhere. Bypass the slow process of ringing up items while the customer waits, and simplify the process of launching new pop-ups or formats. 

Omnichannel by Default 

Break down the divide between channels by giving associates one-touch access to inventory at other locations and online, facilitating BOPIS, managing promotions, and ensuring associate-influenced sales are properly attributed across channels.

App-Like Extensibility 

Tulip Checkout is meant to be agile. Much like how smartphone users can install an app, Tulip offers a set of flexible APIs and SDKs that let retailers connect, extend, and adapt functionality without losing out on the benefits of a versionless SaaS application.  

Data Enabled 

Tulip’s POS is equipped with a market-leading retail diagnostics tool that goes beyond end-of-day totals to provide advanced real-time reporting and risk analysis. 

Enterprise Scale 

Retailers with a large number of stores and millions of SKUs experience complications that smaller brands don’t face. They require cross-store visibility, granular permissions, stringent compliance capabilities, and sometimes even the ability to manage multiple corporate entities. Tulip Checkout was crafted specifically to accommodate enterprise business requirements, without an expensive and monolithic architecture.


About Tulip

Tulip provides a suite of cloud-based solutions that let retailers overcome industry challenges and set a new standard for omnichannel commerce. Partnered with Apple and Salesforce, Tulip equips sophisticated retailers to build connections with customers, fulfill orders, checkout purchases, and optimize operations in order to create the end-to-end experience modern customers expect. Leading retailers like Mulberry, Saks Fifth Avenue, Kendra Scott, Kate Spade, COACH, and Michael Kors use Tulip to elevate the shopping experience, increase sales, and improve customer service across channels.

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