Top Retailers Choose Tulip to Drive More Intimate Shopping Experiences

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Tulip, the mobile platform for retail stores and leader in clienteling and store associate mobility solutions, today announced new customers signed in 2018, including Chanel, Mulberry, David Yurman, De Beers Jewelers and Veronica Beard. On top of new customer growth, existing customers expanded their relationship with Tulip including Coach, Saks Fifth Avenue, Kate Spade, Michael Kors and Bonobos. These retailers are realizing the benefits of mobile-enabled store workers being able to look up products, manage customer information, check out shoppers anywhere in the store, and communicate with clients once they leave the store to create more intimate shopping experiences.

“2018 was an inflection point for Tulip as our customer base expanded from early adopters to mainstream adoption of our retail software,” said Ali Asaria, CEO of Tulip. “I recently visited many of our customers and it was clear they all want associates to deliver great customer experiences and that great mobile tools have become the key to doing that. The intimacy and personal experience that defined retail decades ago is being brought back by brands that are investing in tech for associates that enhances the engagement with customers.”

“In 2019, successful brick-and-mortar retailers will continue to leverage new mobile technology in their stores to empower workers and enhance the shopping experience,” said Deborah Surrette, CRO of Tulip. “Associates, armed with insights about customers and their preferences, will become fashion consultants and style guides, bringing intimacy back to retail, this time enhanced with mobile technology. Associates will become extensions of corporate marketing and be able to connect with customers in a more personalized and immersive way.”

Tulip is releasing several major new software features this quarter including new capabilities for hyper-personalization, micro-targeting, marketing integration, customer preference management and reporting. New features being launched include:

  • Tulip Customer Prism – Prism allows retailers to, on the fly, extract hyper-personalized lists of customers across multiple retail lenses. For example, searching for a list of people who wear size six shoes, like the color red and spent over $500, extracted from a database of millions of active customers is now possible in real-time, in any store. These customer filters and searches are the starting point for individualized conversations with customers with specific retail interests.
  • Tulip Advisor – Powered by Google Cloud big data infrastructure, Tulip now provides associates with a personal dashboard of next best actions for client interaction automatically: who to reach out to, how, when, and why.
  • Tulip Customer Capture – Capture customer information in the store easily; merge and deduplicate with master CRM bi-directional sync and full GDPR compliance. A self-service option allows customers to give and send information using the comfort and familiarity of their own devices and a conversational user experience.
  • Tulip Analytics – A big data analysis engine using Google BigQuery that enables retailers to understand core store associate drivers of increased basket size and purchase frequency.
  • Tulip Kiosk & Runner – Allows customers to discover and search for products from anywhere in the store and request assistance from an in-store runner to bring additional stock or help with questions.

“We’re extremely excited about our latest release of Tulip, especially new features that enable stores to more efficiently micro-target their customers and collaborate with HQ marketing to expand the role of store workers from associates to marketing affiliates,” added Asaria. “Later in the year, we’ll roll out our next big wave of technology that will use Machine Learning (ML) to automate associate tasks and drive the next wave of store worker efficiency. Tulip ML will recommend the right customers to reach out to at the exact right time with the right words to use, saving associates time, but more importantly uncovering and driving new sales.”

Tulip also launched the Turnkey Edition in 2018 and signed deals for this offering with premium Canadian sportswear retailer Moose Knuckles, menswear company GotStyle, and retail brand Veronica Beard. Tulip Clienteling Turnkey Edition captures the key clienteling features and best practices with an out-of-the-box mobile solution that is easy to install, configure and launch in stores. The offering enables the rapid deployment of Tulip and allows retailers to launch clienteling in under 30 days.

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