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LiveConnect Video Chat is Here

Store associates and customers connect through video calls.

Tulip is excited to make video calling available to retailers and their customers.

Shoppers can text, chat, share photos and video call with their favourite stores. Store associates can provide the same personalized in-store experience their customers love with the added convenience of being able to shop from anywhere.

The new frontier

Video calls may be the latest trend, however, they’re not going away anytime soon. In fact, the trend is continually growing with more users relying on video chat, which is only leading to constant advancements in technology. Over the last decade, we have seen video calls rise in popularity in both personal and professional settings. We use video calling to communicate with friends and family, and to connect remotely with work teams. Video calling programs such as Zoom and Google Meet have been steadily expanding. Similarly, video calling features have been added to multiple everyday apps such as Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp. It seems that everywhere you look, video is being incorporated into all areas of everyday life. 

Expansion into retail

The idea of expanding video into retail stores is not new; one could argue it is the natural next step in the online shopping process. Customers like to see the product they are considering purchasing and like to ask questions about its quality, features and more. Customers crave information about the purchases they make before they make them. Video calling gives customers the opportunity to see and learn more about the desired products before they buy.   

Tulip is dedicated to helping brands improve their customers’ buying experience through technology. LiveConnect Video Chat enables retailers to connect with their customers on a different level. Shoppers begin their journey by browsing on the brand’s website. From there, they can start a web chat, and then a video chat with their favourite store. Video chats between the customer and the store associate bring life to the products in a way pictures on a website cannot. 

Store associates can utilize LiveConnect Video Chat to:

  • Showcase product details in real-time
  • Answer customer questions
  • Provide styling appointments
  • Complete beauty consultations
  • And much more

Video chats give stores multiple ways to provide a customized journey. Customers are left having had a highly engaged experience and full confidence to buy.

True omnichannel

Online shopping brings a level of convenience that a brick-and-mortar store may not fully replicate. However, it lacks the same genuine shopping experience enjoyed by customers when they visit a store. Video calling between a store associate and a customer bridges this gap and transitions the in-store shopping experience online. Bringing the physical store to the online shopper creates a powerful connection for both the store associate and the customer. 

Article Contents

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