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Is Acne Studios’ new Shenzhen store the future of immersive retail?

A masterclass in merging technology with ambiance

Fashion insiders have come to regard Shenzhen as a progressive city on par with Shanghai and Beijing, China’s leading fashion and lifestyle hubs. 

As a result, many leading luxury brands have opened stores there to meet the growing demand, including Acne Studios. The Stockholm-based fashion brand renowned for its contemporary designs and artistic approach has recently unveiled its second retail space in Shenzhen at the prestigious MixC shopping center. 

This new store not only showcases Acne Studios’ coveted range of apparel, accessories, and eyewear but also takes the concept of an immersive in-store experience to new heights.

Curating an immersive experience

The moment you step into the new Acne Studios store in Shenzhen, you are immersed in an atmosphere that blends sleek modernity with artistic elegance. 

The interior design was masterfully created by Swedish architect Christian Halleröd, who has collaborated with Acne Studios on several successful projects. The store’s façade features a striking Spider-glass-curtain-wall system that exudes transparency and high-tech sophistication. Anodized and raw metal accents add an industrial edge, while subtle touches of pink add warmth and playfulness.

Every detail has been meticulously planned to transport all who enter into another world and create an unforgettable visual experience that leaves a lasting impression.

Merging technology with ambiance

Even with the tremendous effort that went into the store, Acne Studios understood that creating an immersive ambiance goes beyond just aesthetics; it also involves integrating technology into the store environment. While many retailers struggle to find the right balance between modern technology and a curated atmosphere, Acne Studios has managed to strike the perfect chord.

The high-end sophistication of the store required something that wouldn’t clash with the carefully curated aesthetic— so clunky checkout counters littered with sticky notes, checklists, and catalogs were out of the question. 

Instead, the brand opted for the sleek sophistication of iPads that don’t just add to the overall aesthetic of the store, but are functional and enable Acne Studios to provide a more personalized shopping experience for its customers. 

The associates can use the iPads to track customer information, so they can make recommendations based on past purchases, or check their task lists, so they can make sure they are providing the best possible customer service. They can also stand shoulder-to-shoulder with customers showcasing products on the interactive display, and check them out right from the sales floor.

Overall, Acne Studios is an excellent example of how brands can integrate technology into their store environment for a completely unique and immersive experience

Bringing it all together

Acne Studios’ new store in Shenzhen is more than just a retail space; it’s a haven for fashion enthusiasts seeking an immersive shopping experience. With its thoughtfully designed interiors, captivating ambiance, and seamless integration of technology, this store sets a high bar for other luxury brands looking to captivate their audience.

For retail store operations personnel and premium and luxury retail brands alike, observing how Acne Studios has meticulously curated every aspect of their Shenzhen store can provide valuable insights into creating a memorable customer journey.

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