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Coach’s global approach to crafting authentic and consistent store experiences

The perfect fusion of authenticity, technology, and expertise.

Coach, the globally renowned fashion house established in 1941, has consistently stood as a symbol of authenticity—a commitment to celebrating and expressing the unique stories and styles of individuals. 

The multi-billion dollar brand has 945 stores globally across North America, Asia, and Europe and has experienced year-over-year growth. Endorsements by celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Michael B. Jordan, and Megan Thee Stallion further solidify Coach’s reputation as one of the world’s best retailers.

As a global brand, navigating local nuances poses a considerable challenge. Diverse preferences in products, communication, and technology across regions require a thoughtful strategy to maintain a consistent brand identity.

In this blog, we’ll take a peek behind the curtain to see Coach’s global approach to crafting authentic and consistent store experiences.

Creating a universal shopping experience

Coach recognizes the importance of offering a uniform experience, regardless of a customer’s location. This not only reinforces the brand’s values but also fosters brand loyalty. 

Whether online, in a local Coach store, or visiting a store abroad, customers should encounter the same distinctive Coach experience— of feeling seen and recognized as their authentic self. This consistency plays a vital role in building the brand’s community of Coachies, providing shoppers with a sense of familiarity akin to “coming home.”

Entering a Coach store worldwide should evoke a sense of comfort and assurance. This consistency becomes a thread that weaves customers into the broader tapestry of the Coach community. 

But how does Coach achieve this uniformity on a global scale?

Leveraging technology for consistency

Coach integrates technology into its strategy to bridge gaps across regions and maintain a cohesive brand experience.

One key aspect of Coach’s technological prowess is personalization. Recognizing that authenticity extends to an individual’s personal style, Coach employs a clienteling solution that empowers them to capture and organize their customers’ unique likes and dislikes in a cloud-based system. This data empowers store teams to connect with customers on a personal level, celebrating their uniqueness in-store and through outreach efforts.

Coach’s use of technology goes beyond transactional interactions. By understanding customers as individuals, the brand can tailor experiences to match their preferences. 

When a customer enters a Coach store abroad, associates can pull up their customer profile and welcome them to this location for the first time. They can gather from the personal notes that this customer is most likely on a trip for their birthday this upcoming weekend. Upon wishing them a happy birthday the customer tells them that they are looking for the perfect bag to match their birthday dinner outfit. The associate can then showcase product recommendations based on their color and style preferences, and the items they saved in an online wishlist to find the perfect one.

This personalized approach not only enhances the shopping experience but also reinforces the brand’s commitment to celebrating each customer’s authenticity.

Educating and training staff

The second component of Coach’s strategy in maintaining a consistent brand experience lies in the education and training of their staff. Coach ensures that their teams are well-versed in embodying the values and identity of the brand, allowing them to act as ambassadors of authenticity. 

The technology implemented by the brand plays a pivotal role in streamlining this process, providing tools that make it easier for staff to align their actions with the brand’s ethos. 

Armed with knowledge of customer preferences, store associates become adept at making personalized recommendations, showcasing a profound understanding of each customer’s unique and authentic style. 

For example, if a customer has previously purchased a pink-sequined cross-body bag and a black and white checkered handbag, the store associate can see these purchases in their clienteling app and deduce this customer has a very eclectic and trendy style. Then, they can recommend that the customer may be interested in the silver star-shaped bag to compliment their collection.

This personalized approach transforms the shopping experience into a collaborative journey, where store associates are perceived not just as salespeople but as trusted advisors, treating customers as individuals rather than mere transactions. 

By investing in the education of their staff and providing them with the tools to support these actions, Coach ensures that its brand remains consistent across borders, reinforcing the global community united by the shared values of authenticity and style.

Bringing it all together

Coach’s commitment to a consistent brand experience extends beyond the aesthetics of their stores and the products they offer—it is deeply ingrained in the education and training of their staff. By ensuring that their teams embody the brand’s values and identity, Coach transforms store associates into trusted advisors who treat customers as unique individuals rather than mere transactions. 

The integration of technology further empowers staff to personalize interactions based on customer preferences, fostering a sense of authenticity in every interaction. Through this comprehensive approach, Coach not only keeps its brand consistent across borders but also establishes a global community united by the shared values of authenticity and style.

Coach stands as a beacon of not just fashion, but also of genuine connection and personalized service, inviting customers to feel at home wherever they engage with the brand.

Learn more

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