Retail Masterclass

With Kevin Van Leeuwen, AMIRI’s Director of Stores

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Episode 3

The evolution of luxury retail


Director of Stores

Kevin Van Leeuwen

“Technology is one of the biggest conversations we have in luxury retail right now. How can we continue to evolve to connect with our clients and how can our clients connect back with us.”

The modern luxury experience relies heavily on the two-way connection between brands and their customers.

AMIRI, an LA-based luxury designer, was founded in 2014, and has quickly gained global popularity with retail locations in fashion-hotspots around the world. Their success can be widely attributed to the way they leverage in-store technology to create highly personal and immersive experiences for their customers.

In this Retail Masterclass, AMIRI’s former Director of Stores, Kevin Van Leeuwen, discusses the evolving landscape of luxury retail and the important role the in-store experience plays in connecting with your customers.

The 8 things you’ll learn are:

The power of storytelling in luxury retail

What makes a luxury store experience

The importance of physical stores

The role of an associate in a store’s success

The difference between brick-and-mortar and online

How to use technology to scale

What luxury looks like in the modern world

How to stay connected to your customers as retail evolves

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