Retail Masterclass

Chief Customer and Digital Officer at Canada’s top bookstore shares her insights on modern retail

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Bringing digital to life across channels


Chief Customer and Digital Officer

Andrea Limbardi

Customers have stopped seeing a line between digital and physical channels. They flow seamlessly between them and gravitate towards brands that can do the same. Indigo has grown from a bookstore into a destination brand known for customer-centric experiences that transcend channels and build loyalty. Andrea Limbardi, Indigo’s Chief Customer and Digital Officer, has been with the brand for 20 years and has played a critical role in its evolution. In this masterclass she shares her insights on the retail market and explains:

What it takes to create a two-way dialogue with customers

Why the word 'omnichannel' falls short

How to capitalize on the symbiotic relationship between ecommerce and brick-and-mortar

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“Technology allows us to be faster, smarter, and more connected.”

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