Powering world-class customer experiences— an inside look at Coach and Jenni Kayne

You're in the midst of fierce competition.

How do top brands not just attract their customers but turn them into a brand loyalist? These big players aren’t just turning foot traffic into sales; they’re turning transactions into experiences tailored to their clients.

In this 40-minute webinar, you’ll hear from a panel of retail experts, featuring Lauren Mucci, Manager of Omnichannel Customer Development at Coach, Rissa Jarratt, Executive Vice President of Retail at Jenni Kayne, and Wynne Elmitt, Global Director of Retail Excellence at Tulip.

You’ll learn how Coach and Jenni Kayne:

  • Leverage technology for personalized customer engagement
  • Establish emotional connections that transcend channels
  • Convert foot traffic into dependable sales
  • Measure the effectiveness of customer interactions

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Wynne Elmitt
Wynne Elmitt

Global Director of Retail Excellence, Tulip

Rissa Jarratt
Rissa Jarratt

Executive Vice President of Retail, Jenni Kayne

Lauren Mucci
Lauren Mucci

Manager of Omnichannel Customer Development, Coach

“One of the fastest growing expectations from customers is personalization. Not only ‘can you meet my needs?’ but ‘can you anticipate them?’. So, personalized outreach and clienteling says to them ‘you’re more than just a number, we hear you, we know what you want, and we know when you want it’.”