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The role of technology in supporting retail stores

How technology and personalization are transforming the retail customer experience 

Technology has revolutionized the retail industry in recent years. With the rise of ecommerce and internet shopping, retailers have had to drastically change their business models to stay competitive. Technology is now essential for retailers to engage customers, train associates, and even operate stores.

As the role of technology and the types of in-store technologies have expanded, it can be difficult for retailers to know just where to start. If this is you, have no fear! We’ve compiled expertise from industry leaders to highlight exactly what you need from retail tech so that you can efficiently drive business.

Hear from Katie Walker, Director of Global Learning and Communications Theory, Kevin Van Leeuwen, Director of Stores AMIRI, and Andrea Limbardi, CDO Indigo as they share their hot takes on the role of in-store tech in the current retail landscape.

Support the in-store experience by supporting the role of associates

The integration of technology in retail stores has transformed the in-store experience by improving how associates are trained and supported to reach their fullest potential

As Katie illustrates above, technology streamlines operations which allows retailers to focus on more valuable aspects of training, such as engagement, styling, and customer behavior. Instead of spending time on mundane tasks like generating reports, associates can concentrate on customer-centric activities like understanding and engaging their customers through clienteling

This personalized approach to customer service helps build customer loyalty and technology plays a crucial role in making these activities seamless. It enables associates to engage with customers on a personalized level and meet their needs more effectively.

Enable effective communication and personalization

Here, Kevin highlights the significance of technology in luxury retail, especially in terms of how it helps facilitate effective communication and personalization. 

As the world moves at a breakneck pace, technology has become an essential tool for businesses to connect with their clients and meet their needs in an efficient way. By leveraging technology, luxury retail businesses can provide personalized communication that takes into account the unique preferences and needs of their clients, which 73% of customers worldwide expect brands to understand.

By providing their client advisors and associates with the necessary tools, retailers like AMIRI can ensure that they communicate in a way that aligns with how their clients want to connect. This level of personalization can significantly enhance the overall customer experience and increase customer loyalty, resulting in a more successful business long term.

Facilitate efficient service that keeps a consistent personal connection

Customers don’t like to wait. And, 86% will actually abandon the store if faced with a long line. By utilizing mobile POS (mPOS), retailers like Indigo have significantly reduced the wait times and long lineups by processing their checkout transactions quickly, right from the floor. 

This efficient method of processing transactions enables a one-on-one interaction between the customer and the associate from the beginning of their shopping journey, to the time they leave the store. This creates a more personalized shopping experience, and customers don’t feel like they are just being herded from one part of the store to the next. 

The use of mPOS units allows businesses to keep a consistent personal connection with shoppers, enhancing the overall customer experience. When customers leave the store feeling like a person, instead of just another sale, it fosters long term loyalty which helps drive business.

The takeaway

When retailers know how to choose the right in-store technology and use it effectively, their stores are so much better equipped to create the personal, immersive experiences that their customers want and expect. 

Watch the full 15-minute Retail Masterclasses to learn more:

Article Contents

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