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Turn your store into mini distribution centers with Fulfillment

Retailers can use their physical storefronts to fulfill ecommerce orders more efficiently using Tulip Fulfillment.

The brick-and-mortar store continues to redefine itself during the pandemic as it adapts to changing government legislation, healthcare protocols and customer needs. Storefronts are evolving to provide more integrated customer experiences, showcasing not only customer-product interaction in-store, brand experiences, and ecommerce options, but now, it has become a place to deliver and pick up online orders.

With Tulip’s Fulfillment, retailers can manage supply chains more effectively with a single view of all orders and available inventory across the connected store, offering a more seamless flow of merchandise between customer and store. Retailers can utilize Fulfillment to:

Gain visibility into real-time inventory and data with a centralized platform

View customer data across multiple channels to provide seamless customer experience by viewing order status, shipment tracking, order history and more. Retailers can also manage expectations and prevent abandoned carts with access to overall inventory status. At the same time, retailers can show customers what is in or out of stock, providing assurance that their desired merchandise will be available when they order and arrive at the store.

Bring distribution points closer to the customer

Provide customers with more options by offering multiple close-to-home delivery, same day delivery and pickup services to receive their purchases. Customers put a lot of thought into their purchases, often researching not only online product details, but also how quickly and cost effectively they can receive their items. Retailers can match their demands by offering delivery that is fast, convenient, reliable and affordable. With services such as curbside pickup, pickup in stores and ship from store, retailers and customers can both save on shipping fees and reduce delivery time.

Integrate with existing store management systems to deliver on fulfillment flow

Manage online orders, point of sale (POS) systems, in-store inventory replenishment and order management all with more efficiency and speed. With the right technology and a seamless integration of store management systems, retailers can fulfill more timely orders and deliver better customer moments. For example, stores can support multi-carrier shipping to schedule and track delivery. As well, store associates can use mobile devices equipped with built-in camera or barcode scanners to improve pick orders. Ultimately, brands can continue to offer enriched omnichannel experiences.

Retailers can use Fulfillment to offer:

  • Curbside Pickup
  • Ship from Store
  • Buy Online and Pickup in Store (BOPIS)
  • Reserve Online and Pickup in Store (ROPIS)


Bridge digital and in-store customer interactions with Fulfillment

By having a full view into a connected store’s inventory and data, retailers can manage workflow to help increase online conversion rates, improve profit margins, and increase customer satisfaction. With Fulfillment, retailers can continue to interact with customers and increase foot traffic, while customers are given another option to purchase and receive product conveniently and with more flexibility across all multi-channels.

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