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4 strategies to convert browsing shoppers into buyers

It is no longer enough for a product to sit quietly on a shelf

In today’s fast-paced world of retail, where there are endless choices and attention spans are short, the art of captivating customers has become a science. 

Retailers must use every tool at their disposal to capture the attention of potential customers by engaging them with compelling stories and immersive experiences. And that starts and ends with the associate.

Store associates are the key to making the experience for customers, but they need to effectively strategize in order to get it right.

Here are the 4 strategies to convert browsing shoppers into buyers.

Compelling product descriptions 

When a customer is considering a purchase, they want to be able to visualize themselves using the product and enjoying the benefits it offers. An associate can help to paint a vivid picture of the product by using descriptive language and providing specifics. 

For example, if the product is a designer suitcase, the associate could talk about the light weight, the water and scuff-resistant exterior, and the compartments inside that help with organization. They could also share stories about how the product has made a positive impact on their own life.

Having these detailed descriptions in-hand makes the interaction flow more naturally and helps keep browsers immersed in the product and brand experience. By helping the customer to see the product in action, the associate can make it more likely that they will make a purchase. 

High-quality images and videos

In addition to detailed product descriptions, having high-quality product images or videos can help customers better understand and visualize products, even if they are not physically in the store.

For example, if an associate is working in a clothing store and a customer is looking for a specific dress that is not in stock, the associate can show the customer a picture of the dress from the store’s catalog through an endless aisle tool. This will allow the customer to see the dress in more detail and decide if it is something they would like to purchase. It also presents an opportunity for the associate to upsell and bring more value to the interaction by suggesting a pair of heels in the same color, or the belt that the model is wearing in the product shots.

Associates can also use high-quality pictures of products to show customers how to use the product or how it can be integrated into their lifestyle. For example, if an associate is working in a home goods store and a customer is looking for a new coffee maker, the associate can show the customer a picture of the coffee maker in use. This will allow the customer to see how the coffee maker looks in a kitchen setting and how it works.

Mobile devices enable associates to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with customers to showcase images and videos of products adding another dimension of personalization to the experience that can help convert a casual browser into a brand loyalist.

Simplified checkout process 

A hassle-free, one-click checkout process is the gold standard for online retailers, so why should in-store shopping be any different?

In-store shoppers are often frustrated by the long lines and slow checkout process. They may have to wait in line for several minutes, and then they may have to wait for the cashier to process their payment. Shoppers looking to order out-of-stock items may need to wait double the time for associates to process their mixed basket of both in-store and online purchases. This can be a major inconvenience, especially if the shopper is in a hurry.

Retailers that leverage next-gen point of sale systems alleviate most if not all of these issues. Next-gen POS systems are often mobile, allowing associates to check customers out right from the floor, and have the omnichannel capabilities to process online and in-store orders in the same transaction; therefore, removing the headache of long checkout lines and wait times. 

For browsers or first-time customers, even just being in a store without a long checkout line can provide a positive impression of the brand as one who values efficiency and convenience.

Personalized recommendations 

Personalization is key in retail, and it’s not just for frequent buyers. First-time shoppers or even just browsers can give enough information in just a few lines to tell you how to make the experience as best as possible for them.

For example, if a customer mentions they are just browsing for hiking sandals, that presents an opportunity for associates to learn more. They could ask simple questions that don’t come off as too salesy such as where the customer likes to hike, how long they like to hike for, or their skill level. Once they know that information, they can provide a tailored suggestion for something that fits within the customer’s wants, needs, and lifestyle.

This level of personalization can make a big difference in the customer’s experience. It shows that the associate is interested in helping them find the right product, and it can lead to a sale.

In addition, personalization can help to build relationships with customers over time. By recording customer information on a mobile cloud-based device, associates can provide a consistent experience for customers no matter where they shop. When customers feel like they are being treated as individuals and are valued and appreciated, it can lead to increased loyalty and repeat business.

Bringing it all together

In today’s competitive retail landscape, it is more important than ever to provide a positive and engaging shopping experience for customers. By using compelling product descriptions, high-quality images and videos, a simplified checkout process, and personalized recommendations, retailers can create a shopping experience that is both convenient and enjoyable for customers.

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