How AG Jeans completely transformed their brand experience

See how Tulip is helping the premium denim brand to connect with customers and grow store sales

AG Jeans is a premium denim brand that has been producing high-quality jeans for over 20 years. 

While the brand has always been known for its quality products, AG Jeans recognized that to stand out in the crowded denim industry, they needed to develop innovative strategies for connecting with customers that would help them differentiate themselves from their competitors.

This case study outlines how Tulip equipped AG Jeans to consistently and systematically engage with their customers and grow their sales. 

You’ll learn how Tulip:

  • Structured and simplified clienteling for scale and consistency
  • Empowered stylists to proactively and predictably make sales across channels
  • Gave leadership accurate and necessary data to drive the business strategically


Results from the first 6 months using Tulip

5x increase in customer outreach volume with Tulip Clienteling 3.6x increase in conversion on outreach with Tulip Clienteling 17% increase in AOV with Tulip Clienteling

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“Tulip has transformed our business at every level. Our stylists have the bandwidth to be engaging with clients in unprecedented numbers, and our leadership teams are able to focus on coaching, strategizing, and driving the business.” James Bishop, AG Jeans Director of Retail