Fill online orders in-store efficiently and effectively with Curbside Pickup

Buy Online and Pickup in Store (BOPIS), Ship from Store, Reserve Online and Pickup in Store (ROPIS) and Curbside Pickup are integral to retail transformation. With Tulip Fulfillment, store associates fulfill or reserve orders directly from local inventory with a simple, easy-to-use web application. Tulip Fulfillment tracks which orders are ready to pick, tracks their progress, and supports exception handling to support an end-to-end solution for store fulfillment.

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Provide a full range of omnichannel fulfillment options to improve customer experience and increase inventory sell-through.

Tulip’s Fulfillment web application enables stores to quickly and efficiently fulfill and reserve orders directly from local store inventory, satisfying customer demand and expanding sales during the pandemic. Tulip Fulfilment includes order selection, picking and packing workflows, barcode scanning, signature capture, customer pickup workflow and inventory status. It has an API-First design with seamless IT integration with existing retail systems.

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Contactless Curbside Pickup

Ensure you don’t miss out on any sales with custom curbside pickup for your business. With Curbside Pickup, your customers can buy online and safely pick up their products curbside.

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Fully featured and scalable from one retail location to thousands.

Associate Tools:

View Orders
  • Log into an individual store to see all orders scheduled for pickup for that store
  • In one place, see all orders that are to be shipped from store or held for in-store / curbside pickup
Pick Orders
  • Track orders and order items throughout their entire picking lifecycle
  • View all new and pending orders
  • Preview and select orders that are ready to pick
  • Pick items one-by-one manually or by using a barcode scanner (mobile devices with an attached camera can be used as the barcode scanner)
  • Once all items in an order have been picked, mark an order as ready to ship or ready for pickup
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Ship Orders
  • Handle full shipping process for Ship-from-Store orders
  • Setup pre-set box sizes, along with custom box sizes
  • Record the weight of an individual order
  • Print shipping labels with almost all standard carriers in the US, Canada, UK, Germany, France and other countries
Curbside Pickup
  • Orders marked for Curbside Pickup placed in a specific queue
  • Customers are notified when an order is ready for Curbside Pickup and can provide license plate information
  • API-First design that allows simple IT integration with existing systems
  • Send orders to Tulip Fulfillment in a single call, using a simple REST API
  • Webhooks to communicate updates to external systems
  • OOTB integration with Shippo to support local and international shipping
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