Driving retention through CX excellence: How little things can lead to memorable moments

It’s easier than you think.

From the art of ‘the little things’ to leveraging retail technology, this 40-minute session dives into how creating memorable customer moments is easier than ever. 

Join industry experts Dan Gingiss, international keynote speaker and CX thought-leader, and Saira Zia, SVP of Retail Excellence and Client Success at Tulip, to discover how to optimize the retail customer experience (CX) and drive customer retention.

You’ll learn:

  • Why small details can make a big impact in CX
  • Using tech to surprise and delight your customers at scale
  • The overlooked CX elements that make a big difference
  • How to foster positive employee culture

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Dan Gingiss
Dan Gingiss

International keynote speaker and CX thought-leader

Saira Zia
Saira Zia

SVP of Retail Excellence and Client Success, Tulip