Redefining the Future of Customer Experience

In this webinar, you’ll learn about:

The customer experience has shifted as retailers have been adapting to the new reality and bringing the hyper personalized in-store experience into customers’ homes. Once cities and stores begin to reopen, brands will face a new connected customer with altered needs and buying behaviors.

Watch this webinar to discover how retailers are navigating through unprecedented times to reach their customers and drive sales.

Highlights include

  • The challenges retailers are facing beyond store closures and lost sales
  • What brands are doing now to stay connected with customers
  • How technology teams are pivoting to support customers
  • How some retailers were better prepared with their existing technology and infrastructure
  • How technology is adapting to the new customer
  • What the new normal will look like for retail stores

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Paula Levy
Paula Levy

Chief Strategy Officer, Demand Worldwide Group

Stephen Hill
Stephen Hill

VP Strategic Customers, Tulip

Fahd Imtiaz
Fahd Imtiaz

former Senior Product Manager, Tulip


Saira Zia, VP Global Retail Excellence and Client Success, Tulip

Customers want an in-store experience relevant to the brand, to touch and try on the product, and a face-to-face relationship. That’s still what brick and mortar stores do best, and that won’t go away altogether. So coming out of this pandemic, retailers need to keep doing this, but also to adapt.