The State of Retail Technology

Insights from the 24th Annual POS and Customer Engagement Report

Retail Consulting Partner’s 24th annual POS & Customer Engagement Report provided numbers, figures, and detailed information on the priorities and emerging trends from over 50 top retailers.

And now, we’re breaking it all down.

This webinar, presented by Tulip in partnership with Retail Consulting Partners, explores the evolving world of retail, with a special focus on personalization, customer engagement, mobility, and the role of the point-of-sale (POS) system.

Highlights include:

  • The evolution of the POS
  • Mobility in the modern customer journey
  • Developing strategy around personalization
  • The context of unified commerce in customer engagement
  • Future-proofing against unexpected market forces

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Ashley Barby
Ashley Barby

Senior Solutions Consultant, Tulip &
Founder, FashionTech

Ryan Grogman
Ryan Grogman

Managing Partner, Retail Consulting Partners (RCP)