Enable stores to be more efficient and make smarter decisions

Using the power of machine learning, Tulip’s Store Performance Management solution gives the entire retail organization the tools they need to improve their stores performance with more efficiency, better decisions, and increased accuracy.

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Data-driven approach to action planning, execution, and optimization.

Store Performance Management provides a centralized suite of tools that helps finance, retail operations, and in-store leadership improve the performance of store teams. From store managers to HQ, every level of the organization has the visibility and information necessary to help each store win every hour, every shift, every day.

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Store Performance Management

Drive peak performance in every store during every shift.

Tulip combines the various sources of data into one responsive SaaS platform that aligns the entire organization on what is working, what is not, and pin-points the root cause. Utilizing the power of machine learning, it combines this historical data to plan forward and identify risks, opportunities, and provide specific actions to take that will drive improvements.

The results:
  • Proper sales goals and labor budgets for each store
  • The right schedules that properly allocate budgets to complete operational tasks and achieve sales goals
  • Identification of root cause factors to improve performance
  • Daily action plans that map to customer opportunities and utilize each member of the team to their fullest capability to drive results

Precision Budgeting

Uncover the sales effectiveness and efficiency of each store.

By leveraging advanced analytics, Precision Budgeting provides finance and store operations with the insights and recommendations needed to make smarter decisions around how best to optimize a store network, the right sales targets for each store, and how best to allocate labor across the fleet. The results – the right number and types of stores across the network, realistic sales targets, reduced waste in labor spend, the ability to quickly address performance issues, and best positioning the store network to achieve long-term solvency.

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Intelligent Scheduling

Optimize store schedule for key selling periods.

Intelligent Scheduling provides store managers with the tools they need to create the right schedules in minutes. Automatically accounting for all your business practices and constraints, Intelligent Scheduling ensures that each shift is positioned to operate at maximum efficiency. The results – key activities are accounted for in the schedule creation process, the right amount of labour is balanced across selling and operational tasks, labour budgets are maintained, and each shift is best positioned to achieve success.

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Blueday Store Performance Planning

Drive agility with visibility and accountability.

Blueday Store Performance Planning is forward-focused, utilizing prescriptive analytics to combine the various sources of data into one simple to use reporting and planning platform. It creates a single view of key store metrics to provide store managers with the insights and recommendations they need to create the right plans which utilize each member of the team to achieve sales targets. The results – daily action plans built with current performance in mind, smoother daily operations which reduce wasted labor hours and sales opportunities, as well as the ability to quickly change plans based on a clear understanding of performance and risks.

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