How Jenni Kayne boosted AOV by 50%

The impact of Tulip Clienteling on the growing lifestyle brand

Jenni Kayne was ahead of the game when it came to creating a personalized experience for their customers through clienteling.

But, the manual clienteling practices made it difficult to measure the effectiveness of their activities, and nearly impossible to optimize their in-store and outreach sales processes.

This case study outlines how Tulip helped Jenni Kayne digitize their clienteling strategy, revolutionize their outreach and engagement activities, and provide the data they needed to drive strategic business decisions.

The impact? 50%+ increase in average order value (AOV) from orders closed in Tulip compared to walk in traffic in 2023.

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“We’re leveraging the technology at the store level to provide an omnichannel experience for our guests. Tulip enhances our ability to personalize our connections.”  Rissa Jarrat, Jenni Kayne Executive Vice President, Retail