How Tulip increased sales through customer outreach at a luxury retailer

The impact of adopting digital clienteling with mobile POS

Before Tulip, one large luxury retailer aimed to shift to a fully mobile retail concept, free from long checkout lines, additionally their brand vision involved integrating omnichannel interactions for a unified experience across all channels.

This case study outlines how the retailer has had massive success in achieving a fully mobile, omnichannel, and shoulder-to-shoulder customer experience with Tulip POS and Clienteling.

You’ll learn how the retailer achieved:

  • 88% increase in customer outreach
  • 11.3% conversion through WhatsApp and 6.6% through SMS
  • 30% increase in Average Order Value (AOV)
  • 82% increase in Tulip Influenced Sales (TIS)


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“Technology has become an integral part of the retail experience, and retailers would be fools to ignore that… Whether saving their customers time or offering them unique experiences, retailers are incorporating technology to improve the customer experience” – Shep Hyken, Forbes Contributor