How Tulip helped a specialty apparel retailer transform to a customer-centric operating model

A thousand store, multi-national specialty apparel and beauty products retailer wanted to transition from an operating model that emphasized merchandising and standard task execution to one that made serving the customer their top priority. Central to this transition was the ability for each store to focus their teams on delivering great customer experience without neglecting the operational and merchandising tasks that still mattered, with no increases to labor budgets. How would it be possible to do everything they did before plus a new set of activities but without more resources? The retailer chose Tulip’s Blueday solution to give their store managers the tools and answers they needed to make this new model work.  

Learn how Tulip’s Blueday helped the retailer to:

  • Understand gaps in the way they were delivering data to their store managers 
  • Quickly adopt a new operating model 
  • Experience 2% comp-growth across their chain

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The system’s robust analytics and intuitive workflow allowed store managers to save an estimated 6 hours per week. Using the insights that aligned to their key KPIs, store leaders were able to quickly adapt their labor strategies to best serve their customers.