Grocery Platform

Launch your entire end-to-end grocery delivery experience in weeks

Supporting online grocery is more important than ever. Combining proprietary ecommerce software for consumers, with a world-class warehouse management system, the Tulip Grocery Commerce Platform enables large grocers to operate online grocery at scale.

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Scaleable end-to-end grocery ecommerce platform.

Tulip’s Grocery eCommerce Platform is designed for volume: proven to support volume of over 10,000 orders per day. A full end-to-end solution that handles ecommerce, order management, and warehouse management specially designed to support grocery. Tulip can deploy its solution into any size facility based on your market and business needs.

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Warehouse Management System


The most advanced Warehouse Management System (WMS) designed for grocery.
Inventory management
  • Ability to manage inventory levels and locations using a suite of tools in the WMS
  • Inventory can be picked, packed, moved, searched, audited, and edited using mobile devices and scanners
  • The website can use these inventory levels to sell only what products are available if specified by customer
Inventory locations
  • Supports full management of inventory locations allowing retailer to create, sort, or audit any location in the warehouse
  • Supports both pickable and unpickable locations to manage inventory
  • A tool to sort pickable locations based on the optimal walking path
Purchase order management
  • Ability to manage purchase orders to suppliers from creation to reception
  • Retailer can create purchase orders based on predefined levels of inventory using the Min/Max tool
  • Purchase orders can be received by the WMS upon arrival to the warehouse
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Supplier management
  • Allows retailer to manage suppliers from which they can order inventory
  • The warehouse supports both inventory from JIT suppliers and a limited product system
  • New orders with JIT products are automatically assigned to a purchase order that can be sent to a supplier by the warehouse team
  • Limited products are only available to customers on the website if there is inventory in the warehouse, giving well control over sales of inventory to ensure timely order fulfilment
Three supported pick methodologies
  • Single Pick – pick one order at a time for low volume needs
  • Batch Pick – pick up dozens of orders at a time, allowing the system to sort and optimize the worker’s pick route
  • Multiplex Picking (High Volume) – useful for extremely high-volume warehouses
Warehouse reporting and metrics
  • Dashboard listing metrics related to time spent in each of the major warehouse processes including picking or packing
  • Provides many reports to audit the state of the warehouse
  • The problem orders report listing and tracking incomplete orders to help diagnose issues with fulfillment
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Customizable technology that adapts to your business model.
Product catalog supporting 100k + SKUs
  • Integrated with brand product feeds to ingest 100,000 product images, nutritional labels, descriptions and ingredients
  • Full functional and customizable product and category pages
  • Supports faceting and filtering
  • Full product search functionality with faceting and filtering
Sales and promotions
  • Ability to create promotional campaigns that cover specific products, entire brands or categories, or a subset of products within entire brands or categories
  • Ability to create specials post-dated to begin and end sometime in the future
  • Supports coupons, gift certificates, sales and clearance
Supporting normal grocery delivery model
  • Configurable delivery windows
  • Pick up in multiple stores
  • Connectivity to major delivery platforms
Order Management System (OMS)
  • Tulip OMS can accept thousands of orders per hour and provides a full UI to manage these orders
  • Fully connected fraud checking, payment capture, and inventory reordering
  • Support for JIT inventory or in-stock only orders
  • Supports phone orders, cancellations, partial and whole refunds
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A scalable pick / pack system
  • Designed to support tens of thousands of orders per day
  • Supports multiple different pick algorithms including Batch, Multiplex, and Single pick based on volume
  • Tested to support real-world volume
  • Built-in picker guidance lowers training requirements
  • Runs on mobile devices
Warehouse Management System (WMS)
  • Ability to manage inventory levels and locations using a suite of tools in the WMS
  • Tulip’s WMS understands when it is time to reorder inventory from suppliers
  • Inventory can be picked, packed, moved, searched, audited, and edited using mobile devices and barcode scanners
Third party integration: analytics and tracking
  • Google conversion tracking and Google Tag Manager
  • Facebook domain insights and tag API
  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud integration
  • Campaign tracking and custom landing pages
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Tulip has a lot more than software.
Experienced in ecommerce
  • Our team has more than 15 years of experience building and operating multi-hundred million dollar ecommerce. We can help train and build out your entire operation from end to end.
  • Other grocery platforms cost millions of dollars and take years to set up. Tuip has experience going from inception to launch in less than 6 weeks.
Built for scale
  • Tulip’s system has processed billions of dollars of transactions and has shipped hundreds of thousands of orders. Everything is designed to operate at scale.