Grocery Platform

Launch your entire end-to-end grocery delivery experience in weeks

Supporting online grocery is more important than ever. Combining proprietary ecommerce software for consumers, with a world-class warehouse management system, the Tulip Grocery Ecomm Platform enables large grocers to operate online grocery at scale.

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Warehouse Management System


Scaleable end-to-end grocery ecommerce platform.

Order Management System (OMS)
  • Ability to accept thousands of orders per hour
  • Support for JIT inventory or in-stock only orders
  • Fraud checking, payment capture, and inventory reordering
Customer Management System (CMS)
  • Easily look up customers’ full order history to help manage any issues
Product Catalog Management System
  • Full functional and customizable product and category pages
  • Full product search functionality with faceting and filtering
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Purchase Order Management System
  • Ability to manage purchase orders to suppliers from creation to reception
  • Create purchase orders based on predefined levels of inventory using the Min/Max tool
Inventory Management System (IMS)
  • Ability to manage inventory levels and locations using a suite of tools in the WMS
  • Supports full management of inventory locations
Scalable Pick / Pack System
  • Supports three different pick algorithms including Batch, Multiplex, and Single Pick based on volume
  • Single Pick – pick one order at a time for low volume needs
  • Batch Pick – pick up to 50 orders at a time, allowing the system to sort and optimize the worker’s pick route
  • Multiplex Picking (High Volume) – useful for extremely high-volume warehouses
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Nibbly uses Tulip’s Grocery end-to-end platform to power our e-commerce store, manage our warehouse and inventory, and support thousands of orders per day. Tulip’s E-commerce platform gives us the ability to offer our customers the features they want, like same-day delivery and a multitude of grocery options while maximizing efficiencies in our warehouse.


Tulip has a lot more than software.
Experienced in ecommerce
  • Our team has more than 15 years of experience building and operating multi-hundred million dollar ecommerce. We can help train and build out your entire operation from end to end.
  • Other grocery platforms cost millions of dollars and take years to set up. Tuip has experience going from inception to launch in less than 6 weeks.
Built for scale
  • Tulip’s system has processed billions of dollars of transactions and has shipped hundreds of thousands of orders. Everything is designed to operate at scale.