Effortless checkout from anywhere in the store

Maintain your personalized and elevated customer experience with mobile POS. Cut waiting time in half during busy periods and provide additional convenience for customers.

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Streamline the payment experience

Increase your customer engagement and conversion rate by capturing orders and facilitating payments on Tulip’s POS.

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Increase Order Sizes

5% to 15%

Leverage rich customer data to cross-sell and upsell effectively and to increase Average Order Value on store transactions.

Increase Store Sales

2% to 10%

Generate incremental sales and capture lost sales by giving associates access to online and in-store inventory.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

10% to 30%

Engage with in-store customers and extend the personal customer experience beyond the four walls of the store.


POS features

Capture orders, take payment and transact anywhere in the store with mobile POS.

Omnichannel Shopping Cart
  • Access to in-store and online inventory
  • Supports discounts, coupons, and loyalty points
  • Payment options include cash, credit card, debit, gift card, and store credit
  • Works alongside existing POS or standalone
Mixed Orders
  • Mix in-store and online products in a single order
  • Split the shopping cart between on-hand and online inventory
  • Ship to a customer address or store location
  • Handle more than one customer at a time during busy times with support for multiple cart sessions per associate
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POS Integration
  • Leverage the Tulip POS app to extend and complement your existing POS system
  • Use Tulip as a standalone mobile POS
  • Capture orders and pass them to your existing POS for processing
Manage Orders
  • Give associates access to all orders
  • View order history and refunds
  • Search and filter existing orders to check status or update the order
  • Print and email receipts including gift receipts
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Tulip’s POS enabled line busting for an iconic book and gift retailer, driving a 17% increase in customer NPS scores and a 45% increase in POS throughput capacity.


Business value

  • Improve conversion rate and average order size
  • Grow customer lifetime value
  • Improve in-store sales productivity
  • Reduce associate time spent on existing POS
  • Minimize up-front capital expenditures and IT operational costs