The art of loving your customer: How to build customer relationships that last

In an era where customers are obsessed with trending brands, how do you keep that customer loyal for life?

You don’t want your brand to be the next passing craze, you want to be the brand they tell their friends about, and come back to time and time again.

It all comes down to creating an intimate customer experience through your associates, that shows your customers that you love them as much as they love you.

This 20-minute fireside chat features Maria Brown, Retail Excellence Consultant, and Rachel Ezrin, Retail Solutions Advisor, who have worked for iconic brands like Balenciaga, Nordstrom and Brunello Cucinelli. 

They will share best practices in creating lasting customer relationships through showing love to their customers.

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Maria Brown
Maria Brown

Retail Excellence Consultant, Tulip

Rachel Ezrin
Rachel Ezrin

Retail Solutions Advisor, Tulip

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