The New Enterprise Point of Sale

Convert more customers from e-commerce to brick and mortar using a scalable, full-featured POS system.

Legacy point of sale systems simply don’t cut it anymore. Customers expect speed and convenience in their shopping experience. That’s why we built a solution to help you develop a frictionless relationship between your customers and brand across all channels.

Join us for a 20-minute demo of our omnichannel point of sale platform. Learn how you can rethink the customer-associate-manager experience to boost sales and reduce organizational inefficiency.

Highlights include

  • Turn the associate into a digitally equipped guide who drives sales across channels, even if they’re a new hire
  • Overcome inventory challenges by making ecommerce inventory available in store and vice versa
  • Avoid forcing the customer to line up and make checkout quick and efficient
  • Maximize sales floor productivity by letting associates manage multiple customers at once
  • Make the dreaded return process quick and simple–even for online orders
  • How real-time reporting and predictive diagnostics helps managers make the right decisions

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Ashley Barby
Ashley Barby

Retail Strategy Lead, Tulip
Founder, FashionTech

Emma McGinn
Emma McGinn

Retail Pre-Sales Strategist, Tulip