The New Retail Imperative: Utilizing Stores As A Competitive Advantage

Featuring Forrester

There’s a lot of buzz around ecommerce and specifically DTC these days. However, physical retail still drives nearly 3/4 of sales for the industry, making in-store commerce excellence both a competitive weapon and critical component for success.

In this webinar, guest speaker and Forrester VP Principal Analyst, Brendan Witcher, shares research and insights revealing how the role of brick and mortar impacts business outcomes across today’s omnichannel customer journey.

Join us for a deep dive into: 

  • Why most retailer’s ‘surprise and delight moments’ are falling flat 
  • How to use the Forrester 6E method to design purposeful stores 
  • Which elements of the store experience are most important to customers 
  • What it takes to turn store associates into profit generators instead of cost centers
  • Who are the retail trailblazers who are already doing it well

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“Physical retail continues to drive the bulk of retail sales — and will for quite some time. Despite all the attention given to e-commerce, Forrester forecasts that 72% of US retail sales will still occur in physical stores in 2024.”

– The Future Of The Digital Store, Forrester


Brendan Witcher
Brendan Witcher

VP Principal Analyst, Forrester
Guest Speaker

Saira Zia
Saira Zia

VP Global Retail Excellence and Client Success, Tulip