Gen Z: Keeping up with the face of the retail revolution

How retailers can adapt to the changing face of the modern shopper.

Today’s world has seen the transition for many Gen Zers from adolescence to adulthood and helped fashion a unique identity that has strong influence over their behaviors, especially as consumers. This identity and the ideologies that support it have a profound impact on how Gen Z moves and participates in the market. 

Gen Z should be considered the most informed customer ever with an entire arsenal of information in the palm of their hands. 

But digital fluency is just one facet of Gen Z consumers’ buying experience, other fundamentals include the levels to which they consciously engage with and examine brands, identify products, make purchases, and form relationships with retailers.

What you’ll learn:

  • How to increase awareness and engagement from Gen Z consumers.
  • The difference between brand enthusiasm and brand loyalty and how to build them.
  • How to ensure that Gen Z’s concerns are addressed across channels.
  • What their expectations are for the overall shopping experience.

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Shoppers are changing and retailers need to adapt to survive. With Gen Z, authenticity is key throughout the consumer lifecycle. Accepting and appreciating the distinctive Gen Z identity within the market will contribute to brands’ progressive success and relevance.