Shifting Consumer Shopping Habits in 2021

The pandemic has forced retailers to quickly revisit their priorities and investments to adapt to the new customer needs and economic shifts. It’s also accelerated existing and new solutions to help retailers get ready to deliver elevated in-store experiences in their future-forward stores.

We partnered with Future Stores and WBR Insights to deliver the latest report on consumer shopping behaviors. Five hundred consumers were surveyed across the United States to gain insight into their shopping habits during the pandemic and what they expect from stores in the future.

What you’ll learn:

  • Perspectives of US consumers on in-store retail experiences and future expectations
  • Actionable insights to help retailers best respond to their customers’ long-term needs

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Consumers expect associates to be knowledgeable about products and services available in the store, but they will also be impressed by associates who can provide personalized shopping experiences using customer data.