The New Point of Sale is Changing Everything

How are forward-thinking retailers overcoming challenges posed by legacy point of sale solutions?

Traditional POS systems can no longer support current customer demands for a seamless shopping experience — never mind what’s coming tomorrow. A next-gen POS changes the equation by giving retailers a flexible and scalable way to operate. And, unlike its predecessors, a next-gen POS is a silent POS.

There is no clunky hardware, but beyond the obvious, a silent POS connects people, applications, and processes. It lets data flow, helps turn ideas into reality, and facilitates the efficient omnichannel experience everyone is chasing. 

What you’ll learn:

  • What defines a silent POS
  • The impact a next-gen POS has across an organization
  • How retailers can respond at lightning speed to meet evolving customer preferences
  • Why the entire retail ecosystem is affected by an underperforming POS
  • How a silent POS allows retailers to offer exceptional customer experiences at scale and drive sales across all channels


This paper will walk through the impact POS has on four key stakeholders in the retail ecosystem.

Retail Executives 

Legacy POS systems force executives to make decisions based on tech limitations instead of strategic priorities. Next gen point of sale systems break the cycle and lets executives adapt and scale based on evolving customer needs.


IT teams get caught in constant upgrade and maintenance projects just to keep infrastructure working. By moving to the cloud, IT teams can repurpose their time to support the business through advancement and innovation.

Store Associates

Fixed tills and rigid systems limit how they can serve customers and drive sales—especially across channels. By putting more information and capabilities at the associates fingertips, they can be equipped to deliver smooth customer experiences and make the most of sales time


Today’s customers have become expert online shoppers and expect the same level of convenience in store. Instead of creating a barrier, next gen point of sale systems help build stronger customer relationships and empower the channel-less shopping experience customers want.


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“We’ve put lots of technology in the hands of our associates through the peak of the pandemic. Our stylists in our stores have generated nearly $150 million in revenue from technology.”

– Marc Metrick, Saks Fifth Avenue President and CEO