The ultimate guide to buying a retail POS

Choosing the point of sale with the functionality that’s right for your business

In the current retail landscape, simply having a retail footprint is no longer enough. Stores today need to be equipped as omnichannel experience hubs in order to keep up with the expectations of today’s knowledgeable and tech-savvy consumer.

That starts with your POS.

But, before choosing a POS or even a vendor, you need to really look at what your business needs. Meeting customer expectations as well as the nuances of your business will look different for every retailer. Evaluating which choices are best for your business is the key to success in the current retail landscape.

This whitepaper takes a deep dive into the four foundations of the next-gen POS, and the role each one plays in supporting the modern retail experience.

What you’ll learn:

  • How modern POS systems enable true omnichannel retail, allowing retailers to provide a seamless customer experience across various channels.
  • How cloud-based POS systems offer retailers a competitive edge in an industry that is constantly evolving, and the benefits of leveraging cloud technology for efficient operations and improved scalability.
  • What the unique challenges faced by enterprise-scale retailers are and how next-gen POS solutions can meet the demands of large-scale retail operations.
  • Why an intuitive and appealing UI is essential for creating an immersive and satisfying in-store experience for customers while boosting customer engagement and loyalty.

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It’s important to remember your business needs are variable. Sometimes you can forecast them—like predicting holiday spending spikes— while other times they come out of the blue— like a pandemic forcing you to close your doors. Your POS should be able to support your business no matter what might come up.