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Connect store associates with backroom employees or runners to retrieve products without leaving the customer’s side.

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Customers want shopping to feel effortless. Beyond efficiency, they want to feel like everything they need  is available right in front of them. As customers have acclimatised to online shopping, they’ve grown accustomed to quickly pursuing numerous options and have started to expect the same fast-paced experience in stores.  Tulip’s Runner lets store associates engaged with a customer quickly search in-store inventory and request help from a runner who can get the right product to them in record time.

Create an efficient workflow between runners and the salesfloor


Equip the entire store team to support an exceptional shopping experience



Percentage of retail sales expected to come from physical stores in 2024, according to Forrester


Percentage of consumers who say convenience is more important to them than 5 years ago, according to NRF

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