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The Tulip Retail Platform is an application development and integration platform that is built from the ground up to be optimized for mobile devices. It handles multiple complex integrations with legacy retail systems to make store associate app data rich and meaningful. It exposes all of that integrated and normalized data in APIs to power future elements of in-store apps, consumer apps, websites, kiosks, service applications and any solution that needs the data Tulip makes available.

Easy to Extend and Customize

Elegant Integration Framework

Mobile-first with responsive design

Cloud-first with scale and security

Built for performance


Powered by the Tulip Retail Cloud

Data Management
Organize your product and customer information
Integrate, cleanse and organize all your product information from any source including your catalog, PIM, or ERP
Leverage 3rd party sources like Ratings & Reviews and external press and media
Unify customer data from multiple sources including CRM, eCommerce, POS, OMS and in-store associate notes

Integration Hub
Integrate and expose valuable back-end data to associates
Provides bi-directional integration with a retailer’s back-end systems including eCommerce, Inventory, Warehousing, POS, OMS, CRM, and Service
All data is normalized and made available to the Mobile Associate Application and Tulip platform APIs

Commerce Engine
Take payments, process orders, and securely transact
Architected specifically for a retail environment where physical and digital need to coexist
Developed to support a true omnichannel commerce business
Handles application logic related to product catalog access, order processing, mixed shopping carts, payments, and shipping

Tools & Frameworks
Development Tools
  • Innovate rapidly and future proof your mobile app investments
  • A set of APIs and SDKs that enable retailers to access the core data stored in the Tulip platform, customize Tulip solutions and develop new applications
  • Designed for ease-of-use and ease-of-integration, the tools enable rapid development of new innovative in-store associate and consumer-facing mobile apps
Mobile App Framework
  • Elegant mobile-first design for all form factors
  • Whether you’re deploying Tulip’s out-of-the-box Mobile Associate App or creating custom apps using our SDK, Tulip’s Mobile App Framework offers a new level of customizability paired with seamless integration to meet the growing demands of customers

Tulip Bamboo Extensibility Platform


Our extensibility framework helps retailers configure Tulip’s out-of-the-box functionality to meet their unique requirements while maintaining the scalability of SaaS.

Tulip Bamboo provides our clients the opportunity for specific functionality to be built to augment Tulip’s core features across the platform. These customized configurations are often overlooked by traditional software vendors, however, the majority of clients will leverage Bamboo to:

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Build integrations into legacy /

homegrown systems.

Build new customized features and workflows that are centered around your ideal

customer experience.

Build new customized features and workflows that are centered around your ideal customer experience.

Streamline data from every corner of the business

Clean, consolidate, and serve up data from several areas of the business, including order history, customer profiles, corporate communications and training, inventory availability, and workforce management, into one, easy-to-use platform. Enable store associates to spend more time selling, and less time wondering.

Harness the power of performance management

Create transparency and inspire store associates to reach and engage more customers through performance tracking and management. An individualized dashboard, using Tulip Analytics, can show store associates how they stack up against their peers, as well as their own personal goals. Managers can view client follow-up metrics and see how customer spending is connected to outbound communications.

Stay PCI compliant

At Tulip, we’re PCI compliant and fully out of scope. By integrating with PCI compliant payment hardware, customer information and credit card numbers are never seen or stored in Tulip.